“Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others…”

Every weekend. I have to listen to this. This antiquated, excluding and somehow steadfast proclamation of how we in this country so easily hold groups of people in inequality. 

Every time I do the job that I love, I am reminded of pointless hate. 

It was this frustration that created the inspiration for this shoot.

This isn’t a real wedding. Because in this country, we don’t recognise it as real.

This couple are not hired models. They are two people that their own country deem unequal due to how they were born.

This shoot is a fantasy. It is make believe. 

It’s a fairy tale about two people falling in love. Two people living happily ever after with whomever it was they couldn’t help falling for. 

Like all fairy tales, this is just a story I’m telling you. Because as of right now. Even if these two beautiful souls wanted to live happily ever after. We don’t recognise their right to do so.

Sure, they can pretend to get married. They can dress up, they can live together, they can imagine they are held in equal standing with everyone else who didn’t have to pretend. 

Everyone else who got to stand in front of their family and friends and tell the world together, that this is the person I choose to spend the rest of my life with. The person I choose to make every one of my life decisions with from now until I die. 

They can pretend. 

And to them this fairy tale will feel perfect, will feel real.

But in the eyes of the Law, and in the eyes of those with hate in their hearts it will be exactly what these photos are.

Make Believe.

Photography: Mr Edwards | Floral Design + Styling: Kiko Design | Bridal Gowns: Karen Willis Holmes | Bridal tailoring: The Aurum Collective | Fashion Styling: The Fashion Futurist | Makeup: Jessica Marshall makeup | Hair: Rachel Murphy | Stationary: D&D Letterpress 


Glen Edwards

Sydney based Wedding Photographer. Wedding photographer who predominantly uses film photography to create images that are luxurious, simple and Vibrant