Leah and Chris' Central Coast Wedding


A laid back relaxed Wedding. Everyone says thats what they want when they get married. Something chill, something casual. A wedding that is all about them and their closest friends.

But how many people actually do it? As soon as you sit down to make a guest list you realise how many people you actually know, plus the people you kinda don’t know but still have to invite for some reason. Soon your vision of a wedding relaxed, removed from the traditional…well, traditions. Is gone. 

Maybe you want a Cocktail wedding, but realistically you need places for people to actually sit, and where will they eat!?

It’s not often I see a relaxed wedding in cocktail format. Even less do I see it done right. 

Leah and Chris’ wedding was one of those rare exceptional occasions where everything was perfect. The styling was simple but not over done, the atmosphere casual while at the same time exploding into balls out fun with their best mates.

This Cocktail styled wedding held at Red Head SLSC is still one of my favourite I have ever photographed if only because it was one of the most fun. The thing with cocktail weddings is often people are left wondering wear they can sit.

You don’t have that problem when your guests don’t want to spend a second on their backside.


Glen Edwards

Sydney based Wedding Photographer. Wedding photographer who predominantly uses film photography to create images that are luxurious, simple and Vibrant