Reflection on 2014

People say to me all the time:

"Wow, your job must be so interesting"

No truer words were ever spoken. My job would have to be up there with the most interesting careers I've ever heard of. I wonder sometimes, however what people think is the best part of my job?

Being welcomed into peoples lives. Getting the chance to not only witness some of the most intimate and sacred occasions of a couples journey together but also being trusted with the responsibility to record those moments, forever.

Every wedding I go to is a small window into two people. Their lives, their families, their loves and losses. As a wedding photographer you witness it all and begin to create stories around that profound personal framework.

These stories I have to craft, the individual narratives that need to be told is hands down, the best part of my job. You do this enough times and a picture starts to form. One that is larger than those two people taking their vows together. All those images from all those stories start to come together and it creates a kaleidoscope, a snapshot of humanity. You begin to see how good people can be. The depth of human emotion and the absolute willingness for others and ourselves to be happy in the lives we lead.

 I look back on last year and think of the friends I made and the stories I tried my best to tell. The moments I saw happen and tried my best to capture forever.

I love my job, I hope I'm doing it justice. 

Glen Edwards

Sydney based Wedding Photographer. Wedding photographer who predominantly uses film photography to create images that are luxurious, simple and Vibrant