What I do.

Recently i had the pleasure of being a part of a project of a videographer friend of mine. This project in his words is dedicated to all passionate photographers who capture our life when we need it the most. 

It's a documentary series and I was lucky enough to be the focus of episode two.

It's a really strange experience having the movements and thoughts I go through on a wedding day recorded. Also, it is very interesting to hear myself say aloud a lot of my deepest thoughts about why I do what I do. 

So, if you are interested in getting an insight into how I work on a wedding day and more importantly why I love to photograph weddings have a sit down and watch! 

You can find more stuff from Big day of on their Facebook page here

or Visit the Vimeo page of Fairytales

Glen Edwards

Sydney based Wedding Photographer. Wedding photographer who predominantly uses film photography to create images that are luxurious, simple and Vibrant