Leah and Chris' Central Coast Wedding


A laid back relaxed Wedding. Everyone says thats what they want when they get married. Something chill, something casual. A wedding that is all about them and their closest friends.

But how many people actually do it? As soon as you sit down to make a guest list you realise how many people you actually know, plus the people you kinda don’t know but still have to invite for some reason. Soon your vision of a wedding relaxed, removed from the traditional…well, traditions. Is gone. 

Maybe you want a Cocktail wedding, but realistically you need places for people to actually sit, and where will they eat!?

It’s not often I see a relaxed wedding in cocktail format. Even less do I see it done right. 

Leah and Chris’ wedding was one of those rare exceptional occasions where everything was perfect. The styling was simple but not over done, the atmosphere casual while at the same time exploding into balls out fun with their best mates.

This Cocktail styled wedding held at Red Head SLSC is still one of my favourite I have ever photographed if only because it was one of the most fun. The thing with cocktail weddings is often people are left wondering wear they can sit.

You don’t have that problem when your guests don’t want to spend a second on their backside.



“Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others…”

Every weekend. I have to listen to this. This antiquated, excluding and somehow steadfast proclamation of how we in this country so easily hold groups of people in inequality. 

Every time I do the job that I love, I am reminded of pointless hate. 

It was this frustration that created the inspiration for this shoot.

This isn’t a real wedding. Because in this country, we don’t recognise it as real.

This couple are not hired models. They are two people that their own country deem unequal due to how they were born.

This shoot is a fantasy. It is make believe. 

It’s a fairy tale about two people falling in love. Two people living happily ever after with whomever it was they couldn’t help falling for. 

Like all fairy tales, this is just a story I’m telling you. Because as of right now. Even if these two beautiful souls wanted to live happily ever after. We don’t recognise their right to do so.

Sure, they can pretend to get married. They can dress up, they can live together, they can imagine they are held in equal standing with everyone else who didn’t have to pretend. 

Everyone else who got to stand in front of their family and friends and tell the world together, that this is the person I choose to spend the rest of my life with. The person I choose to make every one of my life decisions with from now until I die. 

They can pretend. 

And to them this fairy tale will feel perfect, will feel real.

But in the eyes of the Law, and in the eyes of those with hate in their hearts it will be exactly what these photos are.

Make Believe.

Photography: Mr Edwards | Floral Design + Styling: Kiko Design | Bridal Gowns: Karen Willis Holmes | Bridal tailoring: The Aurum Collective | Fashion Styling: The Fashion Futurist | Makeup: Jessica Marshall makeup | Hair: Rachel Murphy | Stationary: D&D Letterpress 


The most Important Photos I have ever Taken


Tiia was just like every bride I get to work with, So happy and full of energy. Completely delirious at the thought of marrying the man of her dreams. Every time we spoke I could hear her excitement as all her wedding day dreams started to come together.

I had no idea how incredibly strong both she and her partner were being behind the scenes.

Until she asked me for something I had never been asked to do before. She asked if I could take photographs of her getting ready weeks before her actual wedding day.

As she asked, her cheery disposition never changed. “Just in case mum doesn’t feel too well on the day, we thought It might be a good idea to have some extra images, just as back ups”

Her mother was fighting cancer.

Tiia wasn’t asking for a hand out, nor pity. Her family were fighting this together and this was something they dearly wanted, however they didn’t want to put any burden of pressure on me.

When I arrived for the shoot it became clear to me what that day was going to be about.

This was about a mother getting the chance to see her daughter in her wedding dress.

I was there just to record the moment, as I have done so many times before. However, on this day, the importance of why we take these pictures became all too apparent.

The shoot itself was the most amazing few hours I have ever photographed. A sincerely intimate time between a Mother, a Father and their Daughter.

Tiia put her gown on and revealed to her mum just how beautiful she would look on her wedding day. The pride in her father’s eyes, the look of pure joy on her mother’s face as she delicately tied up the back of the dress helping her daughter get ready, as so many have done for their own daughters on the day of their wedding.

It was beautiful

A mere month later I photographed Tiia and Luke’s Wedding. A framed portrait I had taken of Tiia’s mother the month before sat in her place at the table.

It broke my heart and told me everything I needed to know about just how important these photographs had been.


Kathryn and Nathaniel's Elegant Wedding - Milton Park House


Photography MR EDWARDS  /  Rings MIDAS JEWELLERS  /  Hair & make-up NICOLE RENEE MAKEUP DESIGN  /  Bridesmaids' dresses SHONA JOY  /  Cake FORMAGGI OCELLO  /  Grooms' attire RON BENNETT  /  Florals EMILY COOPER FLORAL DECORATOR  /  Ceremony arch TOUCH WOOD DÉCOR - FROM THE BRIDAL BAR  /  Bride's earrings TIFFANY & CO.  /  Venue MILTON PARK COUNTY HOUSE HOTEL AND SPA  /  Bracelet KRYSTLE KNIGHT  /  Bride's gown MADE WITH LOVE BRIDAL  /  Bride's shoes TONY BIANCO  /  Stationery VISTA PRINT